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Tropical Elegance Defined

52 Jalan Pendas, Bayou Grove,
Leisure Farm Resort

Elegant luxury living in Johor


Spacious elegant tropical living at its very best
Lie back in a poolside lounge under the shade of swaying palm trees as the water laps around you. Can life get any better? Enjoy a cooling plunge in the crystal waters between the madness of Zoom calls.

Look across the pool and you'll see this sprawling villa reach away in elegant architecturally-pleasing lines, the lightness of its design belying the expansive living space it offers. 


The sense of indoor-outdoor integration is clear, with long bright hallways linking spacious bedrooms, each complemented by richly appointed ensuite bathrooms. Though it's the open living areas that will draw the most compliments, with high ceilings and cascading light, perfect for quiet time or entertaining. It's your choice.

Situated on a substantial block in Bayou Grove, you have every sense that this is a haven for those seeking the most serene of existances. And yet Singapore sits just a short drive away. 


Asking Price:  USD$1.95m



Map of Iskandar Region and Leisure Farm
52 Jalan Pendas Leisure Farm

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